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Watch Jenna Dewan Nail TikTok Dance Just Six Weeks After Giving Birth

Just six short weeks after giving birth to baby boy Callum, Jenna Dewan has joined TikTok — and, well, she nailed it. Dancing to Justin Bieber’s hit track “Intentions,” the mom-of-two once again reminded us all that she’s got the moves. Considering her background in dance, these skills aren’t surprising. What is surprising is that Dewan waited this long to give us the Dewan-dance-content our Step-Up-loving hearts crave.

The 39-year-old, who gave birth to her son in March, took to Instagram on Sunday evening to share her very first TikTok submission with the world. “Okay okay okay… I’m here @tiktok! Challenge accepted @sarafoster!” Dewan captioned the clip she posted on Instagram. In it, she performs a seemingly more advanced version of the choreography done by Bieber’s dancers on stage when he sings “Intentions.” Her ensemble? A baby pink loungewear set that we know in our heart of hearts wouldn’t look the same on us, and yet we want now anyway after seeing Dewan rock it.

But first things first, kudos to Sara Foster for getting Dewan to TikTok. “I need to understand how a body can move like this,” Foster commented on the video, marveling over the fact that her friend had very recently given birth. She then hilariously added, “I will delete myself doing this dance, burn all traces of it and never dance again. You are perfection.”

She ain’t lyin’ — see for yourself.

Many of Dewan’s other famous friends weighed in as well. Kate Hudson was all of us, exclaiming, “Wait… what?! U had a baby five seconds ago! Amazing.” Kate Bosworth also reflected the general consensus, saying, “I literally can not with you!!!’

Of course, this isn’t the only video Dewan has shared on her Instagram account in recent weeks. Happily, she and fiancé Steve Kazee have been giving plenty of little glimpses into life with their oh-so-cute newborn at their home in Los Angeles. Everly, Dewan’s daughter from her previous marriage to Channing Tatum, often cameos too — recently, Dewan shared a video of the duo dancing around to the Trolls World Tour film.

And while we imagine having a new baby and a six-year-old in the house during quarantine make regular TikTok appearances a challenge, Dewan’s debut definitely makes us hope this isn’t a one-time performance.

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