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Dame Judi Dench Is Now Doing TikTok Dances

The evidence is clear. Before this quarantine ends, each and every single person you know (yes, including you!), will have made a TikTok video. Sorry! We don’t make the rules. The latest to jump on this bandwagon, delightfully, is Dame Judi Dench. Her grandson Sam Williams is out here doing the lord’s work and convincing Dame Dench that she really, really needs to get in on this new medium, and the results are pretty epic.

To be honest, we couldn’t picture Dench trying this out on her own at all. But once we saw the video, it made perfect sense. The James Bond star may be regal and commanding, but she’s also a talented performer and a loving gran. We’d love to know how Williams convinced her to do it (and whether it took long), but all we really care about is that this dynamic duo keeps it up.

The challenge that Williams and Dench took on was the “Juice, Sauce, Little Bit of Dressing” challenge, and Dench absolutely nails her bit. We’re guessing this isn’t their first take, as Williams looks genuinely thrilled (and a little bit relieved) when they succeed. Even more impressive is the fact that they’re coordinated over videochat, which we all now know is no easy feat.

Hopefully, 85-year-old Dench will create her own account and keep that content flowing. For now, we’re wondering how to convince our own grandmas to get in on the fun.

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