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Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Share the Secret to Their ‘White-Hot’ Sex Life

With so much going on in the world, your brain is probably preoccupied with things like health, wrangling tiny humans, the state of the economy… it’s a lot. So, it’s possible that things in the bedroom may have, you know, cooled. Unless that is, you’re Hollywood’s hottest couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. In a candid new interview, the couple opens up about their “white-hot” sex life and why they think it just keeps getting better.

If the mere thought of mustering up sexy-time vibes right now sounds exhausting to you, well, don’t feel bad. You’re certainly not the only one whose bedroom is under a moratorium. In fact, Ripa and Consuelos were joined by Andy Cohen on Bruce Bozzi’s new, temporary SiriusXM show Quarantined With Bruce — and, according to Cohen, he hasn’t had sex since before he was even diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. “This is the longest I’ve gone since college right now,” he confessed.

After a bit of discussion about how long they’ve gone in between intimate moments (more on that in a minute), Cohen asked Ripa and Consuelos to what they attribute their healthy sex life. “I think we found each other at the right time in our lives. We were really young. Not that that’s the right time in somebody’s lives, but we were really pliable,” she said. “We were pliable to each other. We learned each other well. And with that comes a certain level of comfort and confidence and experimentation and just, like, fun. We have fun.”

For the record, Consuelos agreed with “all those things.”

But also interestingly, Consuelos inadvertently revealed a major sex milestone: when he started having it. When put on the spot by his wife of more than 20 years about the longest he’s ever gone without sex, Consuelos commented, “I would say 17 ½ years.” Although Ripa sounded surprised, Cohen got it. “For the first 17 ½ years of his life, yes, and then when he started he never got off the ride,” the talk show host elaborated, to which Consuelos confirmed, “I’ve been on the ride ever since.”

When pressed about whether they’ve ever experienced a five-week gap in their love life since they were married, Consuelos pointed to times in his life when he’s been on the road. The longest stretch? “You were in Australia for seven months,” Ripa reminded her husband, who noted that she visited him “right smack dab in the middle for a month.”

Still, that means that at least once in their steamy life together, Ripa and Consuelos went at least 12 weeks without ravaging each other. And you know what? That’s oddly comforting for those of us who occasionally hit dry spells. Like, for instance, Bozzi. “I can say I’m married and it’s been longer than that, and we’re not on the road,” he joked. And hello, we hear that.

The moral of this NSFW conversation? Whether you’re still burning up the sheets like Ripa and Consuelos or taking a break like Cohen and Bozzi, there’s no wrong way to approach sex during a pandemic. You do you (and/or the person you’re with). But also, whenever things do start to heat back up, take a cue from Ripa and Consuelos and just have fun.

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