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Kate Middleton & Prince William Admitted They’re Concerned About the Queen’s Health

Many of us can’t be with our families right now, but they’re never far from our minds. While Prince William and Kate Middleton quarantine at Anmer Hall with their children, William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II is at Windsor Castle, and his father Prince Charles is at Balmoral Estate. They can only videochat with their older relatives, as we can, and their health has been weighing heavy on William’s mind. During a ‘BBC Breakfast’ interview, the royal admitted his concern about the Queen’s health, and said his father’s previous diagnosis had shaken him up more than he let on.

Kate and William have been doing their best to uphold their royal duties while distancing, using Zoom to speak with patients’ families, reach out to healthcare workers, and celebrate the opening of a new hospital. They opened up to BBC about the emotional toll this has taken on Friday morning, especially knowing they can’t keep their loved ones close.

“I think very carefully about my grandparents and the age they’re at,” William said. “We’re doing everything we can to make sure they are isolated away and protected from this. But it does worry me, what’s going to happen to the vulnerable people and the high risk people who going to have to potentially isolate for quite some time and the impact that’s going to have on them and on families.”

When William’s 71-year-old father Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus, the Cambridge royal said he was “quite concerned,” adding: “he fits the profile of somebody — the age he is at, which is, you know, fairly risky.”

Queen Elizabeth, 94, is currently with husband Prince Philip, but it’s clear her family has her in their thoughts. Ultimately, William just had to believe in his father’s strength and pray he would get through it.

“My father has had many chest infections, colds and things like that over the years,” William said. “And so I thought to myself, if anybody’s going to be able to beat this it’s going to be him.”

It’s hard not to worry. But William’s positivity is exactly the attitude we need.

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