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Ryan Reynolds Is Hiding From His Mother-in-Law, & He Wants to Help You Hide, Too

What phase of quarantine are you at? Ryan Reynolds has apparently reached hiding from his mother-in-law status, which he revealed in a hilarious new video on Thursday. Even better? He wants to help you hide from your in-laws (or whoever) too, and he’s pitching a pretty unorthodox way to take your self-isolation to the next level.

Reynold took to Instagram on Thursday to share a clip of himself sitting in what appears to be a study in the home he shares with wife Blake Lively. He’s alone, dressed in a t-shirt with the words “Conquer Covid-19” written across the chest. And that, friends, is apparently his secret weapon in the fight to stay covert. Reynolds explained, playing on everyone’s desire for normalcy right now. “Don’t you miss boring? Well, today, we’re reuniting to bring boring back as quickly as possible — but not so quickly that it gets exciting. We’re asking every Canadian to purchase this t-shirt and as you can see, it’s boring as fuck,” he joked.

He continued, revealing the garment’s secret powers. “This shirt is so unremarkable that it actually renders its wearer completely invisible. For instance, I’m quarantining with my mother-in-law, and she’s been looking for me for days,” he said, looking off into the distance with a wry smile. The video ends with Reynold’s mother-in-law, Elaine Lively, calling his name but unable to find him.

Even Blake gets a shout-out in the funny video, being listed in the credits as the movie’s “Elaine Lively Wrangler.”

So, what’s the real deal with Reynolds’ clever marketing ploy? Along with the volunteers of the Canadian organization ConquerCovid19, he’s trying to raise money to help frontline healthcare workers — 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the “horrific” shirt will go towards supplying that essential personnel in vulnerable communities with personal protective equipment, or PPE.

But hey, there’s probably also some truth in Reynolds’ desire to blend into his surroundings right now. As he recently revealed, he has already taken to alternative coping mechanisms to deal with the quarantine. In addition to the Lively women, Reynolds is also self-isolating with his three daughters: James, 5, Inez, 3, and another baby girl whose name they haven’t yet released to the public. So, yeah, you could say he’s outnumbered.

“We’re lucky enough to have a little, tiny garden, so we’re learning a bit about gardening. We’re trying to make this an educational experience,” he revealed earlier this month, comically adding, “But I’m mostly drinking.”

Drinking and wearing his Conquer Covid-19 t-shirt, obviously. Has Reynolds discovered the secret formula to making it through quarantine with your in-laws? For now, at least, a disclaimer on Reynolds’ video feels promising: “No mothers-in-law were severely harmed in the making of this movie.”

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