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Norman Reedus & Diane Kruger’s Quarantine-Appropriate Date Photo Is Too Cute

Who says you can’t have a little romance during quarantine? In a rare moment of transparency regarding her relationship, Diane Kruger shared a photo of her with boyfriend Norman Reedus on a day date. But don’t worry — the cute couple kept the outing quarantine-appropriate while also still managing to squeeze in a little time for togetherness outside of the confines of their home.

As we all know by now, quarantining due the coronavirus pandemic means you spend days upon days on end in your house. The only time most of us venture out is to restock groceries and supplies. Treats are few and far between, so it’s important to make the most of the occasional indulgence whenever you get the opportunity. Enter, Kruger and Reedus. On Wednesday evening, she shared a snapshot of the two of them sitting in the car, eating ice cream cones. Kruger wears a purple latex glove on the hand holding her ice cream.

“Latex ice cream car day date,” she captioned the photo, adding the hashtag, “aslongasweretogether.” Sweet, right? In the midst of everything going on in the world, this casual scene seems heartwarmingly romantic. And since it doesn’t appear they brought their 1-year-old daughter with them, it definitely seems like they’re putting in the effort to nurture their relationship throughout these strange times.

While Kruger rarely shares photos with Reedus, she has given fans glimpses of their life together in recent weeks. Last month, she hilariously revealed what happens when you send the Walking Dead star out for groceries. Posting a photo of their daughter inspecting two boxes filled with nothing but potatoes, Kruger joked, “I don’t think he understood the concept of two weeks worth of non-perishable foods.”

So, even though quarantine isn’t exactly ideal and we’re all ready for it to be over, Kruger and Reedus go to show that you can make the best of your circumstances. And, if you’re lucky enough to have a live-in, socially-distancing-with-you relative or nanny, you might even be able to escape the house for a quarantine day date.

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