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Kelly Clarkson’s New Song ‘I Dare You’ Just Dropped — It’s So Good

Kelly Clarkson has been our shining light through these quarantined weeks, from the release of her new movie Trolls World Tour to her adorable kids crashing her videochat interviews on a regular basis (hi Remy and River!). And today, she proved she really is the gift that keeps on giving with the release of new song “I Dare You”, a multilingual bop whose whole message is “daring to love.” Listen, but fair warning (to whoever you live with) — you will be belting this all day long.

'I Dare You' (Multi-Language Duets) $5.99

This new song proves Clarkson isn’t just the pop queen of our hearts (though that too). She has a strong message of unity with this song and worked hard to ensure she was speaking to a global audience and incorporating new influences into her work. To that end, she recorded this song in French, Arabic, German, and Hebrew, incorporating international artists like Zaz, Blas Cantó, and Maya Buskila in the recordings.

On the Today show, Clarkson described her message as daring people to love instead of having fear — a message we can all get behind.

She went on to say that this song came at the perfect moment for the global crisis we’re facing: “The message was perfect. I thought it was kind of globally connecting, and I wanted to do that musically.”

Who better than Kelly Clarkson to bring us all together? If nothing else, we’ll all be dancing to “I Dare You” all weekend long.

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