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This New Reality Dating Show Is Like The Bachelorette with Sperm Donors

These days, there’s a reality show for everyone. Are you a senior looking to fall in love? Maybe an aspiring musician with a romantic side? If you’d like to fall in love  without ever seeing the other person, we definitely have you covered. And now, the final frontier has been crossed with Labor of Lovea new reality TV show about one woman’s quest to have a baby — with or without a man involved. Think of it as The Bachelorette with sperm donors and a surprisingly empowering twist.

While we’ve seen hundreds of iterations of the search for love and marriage play out in reality TV, the process of trying to become a mother has rarely captured our fascination the same way. Sex and the City star Kristin Davis, who hosts the new Fox show, is determined to change that. She’ll be helping former Bachelor contestant Kristy Katzmann date her way through 15 eager suitors to decide whether she’d want to start a family with any of them. If she doesn’t, no big deal. She’ll just continue the journey on her own.

Davis gave a statement explaining why the premise of this show speaks so strongly to her: “I believe every woman should feel empowered to go after their dreams, whether it be professional or personal, and to be at Kristy’s side as she took her future into her own hands was truly exciting.”

It is exciting! Why are we so eager to watch women chase after a ring, but so much less eager to watch them start their own families? Those are journeys too, well worth exploring. It looks like the show will have plenty of Bachelor-esque gags to test whether these guys would make worthy dads, but what will really make this show worth it is knowing that the men there are really just a bonus. If she gets married too, great! But that’s not why we’re tuning in.

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