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17 Photos of Chrissy Teigen & Luna, Because Who Doesn’t Love This Mother-Daughter Duo?

Listen, we don’t like to play favorites. But we’ve got to be honest — in the great and ever-growing canon of adorable mother-daughter duos in Hollywood, Chrissy Teigen and her little girl Luna have a special place in our hearts. Ever since Teigen and husband welcomed their baby girl into the world in 2016, the Cravings cookbook author has been making super-cute memories with her daughter. And, happily, she’s been sharing them with us along the way.

Even though we’ve watched little Luna’s journey, it’s still hard to believe the little girl just turned four years old. Four! Time flies when you’re dancing to your dad’s songs, letting your family beat you at board games, twinning with your model mom, watching your stuffed animals say “I do,” or any of the other wildly cute Luna moments we’ve been privy to in her tender four years of life.

In particular, we’re partial to the sweet photos Teigen has shared of her with Luna over the years. There’s something inherently special about the connection between a mother and a daughter — and Teigen clearly relishes the one she shares with her little girl. These two always seem to be having the most fun together, no matter what they’re getting in to.

So, if you’re a big ol’ sentimental sap like we are these days, be forewarned: The following photos of Teigen and “Toons,” as she calls Luna, might just get you all choked up. Or, at the very least, have you ready to hug your own daughter or call your own mama (or both!).

Luna’s first Rice Krispies

Milestone moment! Teigen documented the first time she and Luna made (and ate, obviously) Rice Krispies.

Peek-a-boo baby

Despite Teigen’s sarcasm, it’s readily apparent she wouldn’t trade one minute with her daughter… even when that minute involves her daughter’s head up her dress.

Beauties and the beach

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pack it up, back to work!

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Baby brother Miles joined Luna and Mommy on the beach to soak up some sun. And, judging by Luna’s hands, get covered in sand.

Pool pals

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Could these two be any sweeter? The smiles on their faces pretty much say it all.

From Wyoming, With Love

The whole family ventured to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, over the Christmas holiday last year, and Teigen admitted the time really underscored how much she adores her babies. “Feeling like my kids are currently theeee perfect age, keeping me on my toes and seeing their newfound personalities and active little minds shine every day, “she said.

The perfect stylist

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on set with my stylist

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Who needs a pricy Hollywood stylist when you have Luna? Just like her Mama, this girl is going places.

Family portrait remix

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grossssssssss, mommmmm

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While we personally think John Legend and Chrissy’s PDA is romantic, little Luna makes it clear via her facial expression that she’s still in the “yucky, cooties!” phase.

Mom’s little helper

Teigen admittedly worked long and hard hours prior to launching her new Cravings website. But, hey, when you have a helper-slash-muse like this, we imagine the work felt a lot like fun.

Synchronized nappers

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you never forget your first nap at granny’s!!

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There is nothing — we repeat, nothing — better than napping at Granny’s. This is especially true of Teigan and Luna, who are 100 percent twinning.

Vacation vibes

Oh, Teigen! She may joke that she could use makeup in this candid vacation snapshot, but she and Luna both radiate natural beauty.

Poppin’ bubbles

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Life-hack: Don’t blow bubbles near a toddler. They can’t resist popping them! Right, Luna?

A model in the making

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the breakout star #theyreonyourheadmama @quayaustralia

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Luna actually recently made her modeling debut alongside Teigen, so it’s really no wonder that she’s starting to steal the whole show.

Pretty in pink

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found my toons a new dress

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While on vacation, Teigen tracked down a dress for her daughter that is full of frills, packs a floral punch and, not surprisingly, looks precious on the little girl.

Foodie love

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I love this girl

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Um, we just have one question: How do we sign up to learn to make homemade pasta with Tiegen and Luna? Can they teach a class? ‘Cause we’d like to make and advance reservation.

Time for a sweet treat

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Somi Somi!

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We’re starting to see a pattern here! Something tells us that one of the things Teigen and Luna bond over the most in this life is food. And we feel that on a deep, personal level.

A slice of paradise

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my girl

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If we were Teigen, we’d have this picture-perfect vacation photo blown up, framed and artfully placed on a wall somewhere in her home.

Ladies who ‘Vogue’

Seriously, though, have you ever seen a more photogenic mother and daughter? These two are not just naturals in front of the camera, they also both radiate joy.

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