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Kelly Clarkson’s Daughter Steals the Spotlight on Her Show With Adorable Message

If there’s anyone that can make or break our quarantine, it’s kids. Sure, it’s difficult keeping up with their homeschool schedules and making them a zillion meals a day, but they’re cute personalities are worth it. We were reminded of this on The Kelly Clarkson show this morning as Kelly Clarkson’s daughter River Rose stole her spotlight.

Even though we were hoping to see a lot more of Clarkson, having her 5-year-old pop in made the segment so much more entertaining. As more celebrities appear on shows from home, their kids are making special appearances. Like The Voice judge, Kim Kardashian’s Daughter North West also crashed her PSA video and Jimmy Fallon’s kids help him put on a nightly show. 

Clarkson’s little grown-up has quite a knack for the camera giving encouragement and words of wisdom.  “Hi everybody, I know there’s a sickness going around and we can’t be together but it’s OK. We can still call. I hope you’re doing fine. I love you,” she says before blowing a kiss to the camera. 

The mother of two even renamed the show, “The River Rose Show,” which solidified the segment’s intentions. Once we all go back to our respective offices (or sets!), bringing our kids to work won’t be as interesting.. or tiresome. But until that day comes, let’s enjoy home offices with kids while they last!

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