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Watch Gwen Stefani Give Blake Shelton a Haircut on Live TV

In the past month, at least six people I know have been given their first-ever at-home haircuts (with varying degrees of success). And that’s not counting the many celebs who have been picking up the scissors, clippers, and box dye at home, often taking to social media to share the results. Now, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are bringing us one step closer to the action and letting us watch their home haircut play out in real-time as they join Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

These are strange (quaran)times, and we have a feeling these virtual talk shows will only get weirder as weeks go by. Shelton linked up with Fallon for a virtual episode of The Tonight Show from his home in Oklahoma, where he’s staying with Stefani and her family. Midway through the episode, Stefani stepped in wielding clippers.

“I’m going to be helping Blake grow out his mullet…today we had already scheduled that it was haircut day,” Stefani explained. And then she gets right to work buzzing down the sides of Shelton’s head.

Fallon is impressed with Stefani’s technique (as are we) and continues to chat with the musical duo about their songwriting and quarantine — until Shelton interrupts with a special request. “One last request,” he tells Stefani, gesturing at the buzzed sides of his head. “Could you put a J and an F here for Jimmy Fallon?”

And that’s exactly what Stefani does. “See, this is why these shows are fun,” Fallon says. “Because you would never do this in real life!”

So true. And when it’s Stefani’s haircut day, we’d love to see a part two of this interview.

Before you go, check out all the celebs doing at-home haircuts and dye jobs in quarantine.

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