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Watch Chrissy Teigen’s Daughter Luna Help Brother Miles Hunt for Easter Eggs — It’s Too Cute

Celebrity kids need a little help from their big brother or sister just like all our kids do too — and sometimes, a little extra encouragement to fully be able to enjoy the moment.

One of the internet’s favorite celebrity moms, Chrissy Teigen, took to her social media on Easter Sunday to give people a little look inside her family’s Easter egg hunt. In the video Teigen posted to Twitter, it appears that nearly four-year-old Luna was absolutely killing the Easter egg hunt game while almost-two-year-old Miles was having a bit of trouble and hadn’t really grasped the concept just yet.

As Luna finds yet another Easter egg to add to her already full basket, Teigen watches on from the sidelines and expresses that Miles is “happy for [her]”, since she seems to be grabbing up all the hidden eggs on their family’s hunt. And just as Luna spots yet another egg, Teigen runs into the shot and exclaims that it’s going to be “tough for Miles to get any”, so she lovingly takes the egg and puts it on the ground for Miles to spot.

Even though Luna might have had a hard time giving her brother that win, she still lets him take that small victory of adding that precious Easter egg to his almost empty basket.

This video is the perfect example of how sometimes we just have to give our siblings the win, even if it stings!

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