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Kelly Ripa’s Easter Throwback Photo of Young Michael & Lola Is the Cutest Thing We’ve Seen All Day

We’re all feeling a little nostalgic right now, even if it’s just for the time a few weeks before this. But especially as Easter approaches, people are thinking of their families and old traditions more than ever — many of which simply won’t be possible this year. Kelly Ripa hopped on the nostalgia train, and boy, are we glad she did because the throwback photo she shared of young kids Michael and Lola had me racing to like it so fast I momentarily forgot about my carpal tunnel. Not only are they the sweetest little two munchkins you’ll ever see, but the pic captures a very special moment: a meeting with the Easter bunny!

Ripa posted the #fbf of her two oldest kids meeting the Easter bunny back in 2003 when 18-year-old Lola was barely one year old, and 22-year-old Michael was 5. “Easter 2003 when Michael met carrot and @theyoungestyung met Bunny,” the TV host wrote. “You’re welcome 🐰🐇🌸💕🥕#easter #nationalsiblingday.”

While young Michael is beaming with joy and clutching his very special carrot, baby Lola is having a slightly rougher go on the Easter bunny’s lap and bawling her head off (but looking so, so cute in that little green dress!). Some of Ripa’s friends commented: “Lola is not happy,” writes Lizzie Tisch.

“I mean, pissed was more like it. Kicked her shoes off,” Ripa wrote back.

Ripa confessed earlier this week that she wasn’t speaking to two of her kids because they refused to hug her, worried about getting each other sick. Hopefully, this throwback is a sign they’ve made peace for the holiday.

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