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Jenna Dewan’s Fiancé Steve Kazee Is Mourning His Late Mom Who Won’t Ever Be Able to Meet Their Son

In early March, Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee welcomed baby son Callum into the world — and ever since, he’s been a source of comfort in these uncertain times. But welcoming new family can bring up old memories, and Kazee revealed that he’s been struggling with knowing that his late mother will never get to meet her grandchild Callum. The actor said he sees so much of his mom in his baby, and shared a sweet throwback video of his mom meeting her grand-niece for the first time.

Kazee took to Instagram to get real with his fans about the joy — and sadness — of seeing how newborn Callum takes after his mom. He dedicated the caption to his mom: “8 years ago today I was holding your hand as you crossed from this life into the next and today I sit here holding the hand of your grandson. I see so much of you in his face and it’s all I ever wished for. I’m so grateful for how much love you filled my heart with while you were here and I’m grateful for how much you continue to send from wherever you are.”

The video he shared shows his mom cradling a newborn and looking at her adoringly. “Last week my moms niece @christinascaggs sent this video of my mom and I at the birth of her child,” Kazee explained. “It’s a glimpse at what would have been had you lived to see this moment and I will cherish it forever. I love you. I miss you.”

Kazee’s tribute to his mom is a beautiful reminder that it’s okay to acknowledge grief as it comes up, and to accept that mourning is an ongoing process. As the world braces itself for more losses, that’s a message we all need to hear.

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