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Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Video Call With Health Workers’ Kids Is Too Sweet for Words

Royals — they’re just like us! Okay, not exactly… but Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first official video call shows they’re doing their part to social distance like the rest of us. And, like so many of us, they’re relying on teleconferencing to communicate amid the coronavirus pandemic. But Will and Kate’s video chat with the kids of essential workers in the UK is admittedly much cuter than most of the Zoom calls we’re making right now.

While the majority of schools across the UK have closed due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, a small proportion of schools have been allowed to stay open to help care for the children whose parents are on the frontline of the pandemic. At Casterton Primary Academy in East Lancashire, most of the students are kids of essential workers putting in near round-the-clock hours at nearby Burnley General Hospital. So, Will and Kate decided their first-ever official video engagement would be to check in on these children.

Not surprisingly, the interactions between the Cambridges and the school children are practically too cute for words. “This is a picture of my mum, and she works for the NHS [National Health Service] as an admin for the health visitors, and I’m really proud of her,” a boy named Harris said as he held up his drawing. “I agree you should be very proud of her,” Kate responded. “They’re doing an amazing job, all the NHS workers, so well done you.”

The royal couple also traded playful banter with the kids about their Easter hats and other art projects. Of course, Will and Kate also wanted to express their gratitude to the educators who are going above-and-beyond to be there for these children.

“Well done, honestly, to you and everyone who’s in during this time. It must be such a relief for all the parents who are key workers to know that the normality is there for their children — they’ve got the structure and they’ve got a safe place for them to be, so really really well done to all of you. I know it’s not easy circumstances, but it’s fantastic,” Kate gushed.

Added William, “We just want to say a huge thank you to you guys and well done in keeping it all going. Please pass on many messages of support for all the staff and all the volunteers — they’re doing a great job.”

And if all of that wasn’t heartwarming enough, the call also included a cute personal glimpse into how things are going at the Cambridge household. When an educator made a comment about Easter candy, William said, “There’ll be a lot of chocolate eaten here as well; don’t worry.” To which Kate hilariously called her husband out, “You keep eating it.”

Don’t feel bad, Wills… we’re stress-eating chocolate bunnies over here, too.

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