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We’re Swooning Over Chrissy Teigen & John Legend’s Newly Discovered Wedding Photos

These days, we’re all trying to find our own way to give back. For Chrissy Teigen, that’s meant sharing the recipes that are keeping her sane as she cooks her way through quarantine — but Teigen being Teigen, those recipes sometimes go off on their own delightful tangent. What started as sharing a carrot cake recipe quickly turned into a show-and-tell of Teigen’s old wedding photos with John Legend (yes, they had a carrot cake), and the pics are predictably stunning.

Married in September 2013, Teigen and Legend opted for an elaborate four-tier carrot cake (Teigen’s favorite), covered in leaves and flowers and looking like it was pulled straight out of a magical forest. Teigen first started hunting these photos down after sharing her favorite carrot cake recipe from Southern Living.

“You bake the layers, then drown each one in glaze til it’s all soaked up,” Teigne explained. “The cake itself is crazy moist, almost gooey, then some cream cheese frosting. my wedding cake was a carrot cake, that’s my love for carrot cake. and this is 10000 times better than my wedding cake.”

Their cutting the cake snap is classic Teigen and Legend — goofy, dramatic, and stylish as hell. And if you were hoping for a closer look at that wedding dress, look no further.

Okay. We knew she was a supermodel, but still. It seems almost unfair to be this gorgeous. Thanks to Teigen, though, we know exactly which cake we’ll be baking to drown our sorrows.

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