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We Can’t Stop Watching Kate Beckinsale’s Hilarious Cat Video

If your sanity is hanging by a thread at this point in quarantine, you’re not alone. Our spirit animal Kate Beckinsale took to Instagram to share her latest invention and pretty much confirmed that we’re all on the same level of crazy right now. Beckinsale has been spending lots and lots of time alone with her fluffy Siberian cats Willow and Clive and documenting their adventures — most recently, the actress fashioned a “lettuce hat” for her cats, and Clive’s grumpy cat reaction is cracking us up.

Beckinsale shared two videos, first carefully balancing a lettuce leaf on Willow’s head: “I think she feels regal, that’s what I think,” she narrates. “She thinks she looks good. You are regal. You are the queen of lettuce.” In the background, Clive yowls.

“You want one too, I know it,” Beckinsale replies.

Where Willow had a tiara-like lettuce hat, Clive gets a more casual, daytime look in video #2, with lettuce perched on his head like a baseball cap.

“He looks a bit like Ron Howard when he’s directing a movie,” the actress notes. Clive is not enthusiastic.

“In between learning Urdu, tackling an advanced kegeling course AND painting sensitive nudes of my parents, I somehow find time to discover how much cats appreciate a lettuce hat,” Beckinsale quipped alongside her videos. “I DON’T KNOW HOW I DO IT #havingitall #themodernwomaninquarantine.”

If this is the modern woman quarantine, we’re in. Cat lovers: assemble your lettuce.

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