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Ryan Reynolds Is Avoiding Blake Lively’s Home Haircuts While Quarantined With Daughters

We’re all approaching the dreaded moment. When you realize that you really, truly can’t go one more day without a haircut, and you’ll have to turn to whoever you’re quarantined with to help out (or, you know, the closest pair of scissors). Pink and Kelly Ripa both have taken to at-home haircuts and colors — and joining the DIY club, Ryan Reynolds, who is not looking forward to his next appointment with wife Blake Lively.

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Reynolds went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and opened up about his time at home with the family, including Lively’s plan to give him a haircut the next day. “She’s done this once before,” he said. “It took two and a half hours. And then, at the end, it looked like she’d done the whole thing using only a lighter. Or, you know those gloves that are made of sandpaper? It would have been a little faster if she had just worn it down, [like] she had just rubbed my head until my hair disappeared.”

Lively seems like the kind of person who would be good at everything — and it’s oddly charming that this isn’t quite her jam. But it sounds like the mom of three has plenty to keep busy with — when Lively’s not chasing Reynolds around with clippers, they’re trying to keep daughters James, Inez, and their 8-month-old (whose name they’ve never revealed) entertained however they can.

“This morning, I made dresses out of tissue paper, which was fun for them,” Reynolds said. “We’re lucky enough to have a little tiny garden. So, we’re learning a little bit about gardening. We’re trying to make this an educational experience, but I’m mostly drinking.”

Anyone who says that’s not relatable is just flat-out lying. As always, we can count on Reynolds.

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