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Why The Bachelor Steamy Hookup Scenes Never Get (Too) Explicit

Look out, world: former Bachelor Colton Underwood is no longer confined by his NDA agreement, and he has some capital-T Thoughts about the franchise he’d like to share with us all. The reality star wrote a tell-all book The First Time talking about his experience on The Bachelor, and it’s definitely eye-opening. Among concerns like producers pressuring Colton to ask contestants’ fathers for their daughter’s hand in marriage (yikes), the former NFL star revealed the answer to a question that’s been bugging us for years: How does The Bachelor avoid showing erections during hookup scenes?!

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Those of you who suffered through Peter Weber’s season will remember it as a makeout-heavy one — from night one, Peter was game to lock lips with anyone who showed interest, and that quickly escalated into scantily-clad poolside make-outs, lying down in the middle of a field make-outs…you get the idea. Watching these contestants rub up against Pete (sorry), it crossed our minds more than a few times: exactly what level of dry-humping are we watching here?

According to Colton, the producers were well aware of this as an issue. He talked to the Los Angeles Times about his new book, revealing that he had a system for letting producers know it was time to call cut. “I had a little signal I gave producers like, ‘Hey, you have to chill,'” he confessed. “Every time I yawned, that was my signal. Producers would be like, ‘Cut! We have to get him out of the water!'”

A yawn seems like a tough signal to pull off mid-makeout, but we’ll trust Colton that it worked for him. And it turns out we definitely weren’t alone in wondering about this issue — even Colton’s grandma was curious.

“My grandma texts me — I gave her a copy of the book and I said, ‘Hey, just want to let you know there’s some things that might make you uncomfortable,'” Colton shared with the Times. “She’s like, ‘You know what? I always wondered about boners on that show. I’m glad you addressed that, but it was a little weird.'”

If Chris Harrison hasn’t cast Colton’s grandmother for their senior version of The Bachelor yet, what is he waiting for?
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