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‘Bachelor’ Alum Michelle Money Gives Hopeful Update on Daughter Brielle, 15, Following Brain Surgery

Michelle Money just gave fans a promising update on her critically injured daughter Brielle, 15. It’s been three days since the Bachelor alum revealed her teen was in a medically induced coma following a “terrible skateboarding accident.” But now, says Money, Brielle is in “stable condition” just one day after undergoing brain surgery.

Money shared a video to her boyfriend Mike Weir’s Instagram page to give fans an update on her daughter in the wake of the terrible incident. “Thank you guys so much, we feel so overwhelmed and supported and loved,” she began. “We know all of the prayers you guys have sent out there are being heard and felt and received because Brielle is in stable condition.” Money went on to add that her daughter is “doing good.”

On her own Instagram feed, Money shared a sweet snapshot of Brielle along with a lengthy message. After once again thanking fans and followers for their support, Money wrote, ” Brielle is right on track with what the doctors expected. I made it back to the hospital this evening after getting some much-needed sleep and regrouping at home.” Due to the latest coronavirus guidelines, she and ex Ryan Money have decided that Michelle will be the one to stay with Brielle until the teen wakes up “most likely on Saturday or Sunday.”

Money revealed on Monday that Brielle had been in a “terrible skateboarding accident” that left her with “serious brain trauma and a fractured skull.” She’d been placed in a medically induced coma to combat the swelling in her brain. Later that day, the devastated mom told fans that surgical measures were going to be taken to remove some of the fluid from Brielle’s brain causing the swelling and pressure.

Now, says money, Brielle’s “numbers are in a really good place” following the successful surgery. So, if all goes well, the teen will be taken out of the coma within a few days and doctors will be able to better assess whether any lasting neurological damage occurred. But for now, Money is focusing on the positives.

Sharing sweet (and funny!) videos of the pair taken just hours before Brielle’s accident, Money wrote, “We have so much fun together! She is my favorite human! I can’t wait to hear her laugh again! Surgery went great… Two more days to let the brain swell up and monitor until taking her off sedation to see what we find. Thank you again for the prayers. You will never know.”

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