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Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins’ Cutest (and Funniest) Moments Will Make You Swoon

Listen, we need to talk. Because if you aren’t following country singer Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins’ love story (and life together), you’re missing out, friend.

A little backstory: The Georgia natives met way back in first grade and became fast friends. That friendship continued to grow, even blossoming into a high school romance at one point. When that didn’t work out, they remained friends. It was until they were both literally about to get hitched to other people that Akins’ dad intervened. “The night of her sister’s graduation party, we were buddies and I was there. I’d loved that girl since high school, and I told her father how I felt. He said, ‘If you don’t tell her, I’m going to,” Rhett recounted to HITS Daily Double last year.

So, he did. “I said to her, ‘I just want to kiss you one more time. If you don’t feel anything, we can go back to being friends,'” he recalled, referring to it has a “total Ryan Gosling moment.” As you might have guessed, Akins did feel something. By 2012, they were married. Today, they are the proud parents of daughters Willa Gray, 4, Ada James 2, and newborn Lennon Love.

And, yep, they’re every bit as adorable as they sound. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the sweet family’s best social media moments.

Birthday Shenanigans

Love you so much @laur_akins 😂

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Pesky bottles of bubbly are trickier than they look, eh Lauren? This entire funny morning scene at the Rhett-Akins’ household should be evidence enough that the couple is worth following.

Tree Swing #FAIL

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Well… I’m getting old

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We could all use an extra laugh or two these days, and this video of a shirtless Rhett busting his butt after breaking a tree vine will have you in stitches.

With Love, From Lennon

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Everything’s fine😂

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Ah, parenting. We’re not sure what we love more — the fact that Rhett was shirtless when baby Lennon lost her breakfast, the fact that Akins managed to immortalize it in picture, or Rhett’s deadpan caption of “Everything’s fine.”

Quarantine Chaos

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What is life anymore? 😂

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Think your house has gotten a little more hectic since coronavirus social distancing protocols went into place? Don’t feel bad; Rhett and Akins’ life is hilariously chaotic any given day when they’re at home.

About to Pop

Akins’s face in this short video Rhett recorded at one of her last pre-baby doctor’s appointments pretty much says it all.

CMA’s Real Winners

Awards, schwards. The real winners of November’s CMAs were clearly Rhett, Akins, their little girls, and her then-baby-bump. They stole the show!

Ugly Christmas Party People

You can tell a lot about a couple by the ugly Christmas sweater company they keep.

Desert Vibes

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This place is unreal @laur_akins

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Although Rhett and Akins are now the same age (the big 3-0), she celebrated her birthday a few months earlier than Rhett who just celebrated.  And to give the day its proper fanfare, he jetted her off to the Moab desert for a vibey weekend with their best friends and family.

Little Mermaid: The Unseen Sequel

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And Ursula is pregnant

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Of course these two are one of those super-cute couples who pulls together coordinated family Halloween costumes. Best part? That in this scenario, Prince Eric knocked up Ursula.

Partners in Plaid

“Thank you so much babe for being my rock and for loving me so good. You are my favorite person on the planet,” Rhett gushed to his wife in the caption of one particularly sweet backstage shot. What? We’re not crying; we have allergies.

Anniversary Feels

For their 2019 anniversary, Akins got sentimental with a few throwback photos — including one from their wedding. “You are better than my best dream and so is our life with our precious babies,” she wrote. “I’m so thankful God gave me you. Can’t wait for the next 70 babe.”

Nothing But Net

We’re no basketball pros, but this shot should definitely be worth at least 1000 points.

The Family That Tours Together

We kind of love that not only does Rhett bring his family along with him on tour stops, but he also lets his kids just be kids — even in fancy hotel rooms (which Akins clearly does her best to make feel like home).

Big News

Three times the love, three times the college tuition! Rhett admitted he was both excited and apprehensive about bringing a third daughter into their world.

Making Memories in Montana

Rhett and Akins kept it low-key while camping with friends in Montana. Which begs the question: Uh, how do we get in on one of these Rhett-Akins hangs?

Love in the Lowcountry

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South Carolina

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Their love sure looks good in front of the scenic South Carolina salt marshes.

American Dream

Photos of Rhett and Akins Fourth of July festivities are cute enough to make anyone pledge allegiance.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Rhett gives credit where credit is due on his release days: his support system at home. “Thanks for always being there with me and for me!” he wrote to his wife. “Couldn’t do any of this without you, WG or AJ.”

Taking Seattle By Storm

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Exploring Seattle with @laur_akins

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You can’t fake the kind of joy that’s radiating on these two’s faces! Seattle must have been good to them.

The Skills That Thrill

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🏀 skillzzz

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Arguably the best part of this video series showing Rhett and his crew playing basketball in the gym is Akins’ sarcastic commentary (and laughter).

Pillow Fort Fun

A home fort, fresh popcorn, Tangled, and snuggles? Sounds like a magic memory in the making.

Throwing It Way Back

If this photo of Rhett and Akins during their adolescence doesn’t make you smile, nothing will. See also: Akins’ hashtag game is strong.

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