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Watch Serena Williams Introduce Daughter Olympia, Ahem, Her ‘Starting Lineup’ in Adorable Home Video

In case you need a reminder of just how pure and precious Serena Williams’ family is, the tennis icon dropped an adorable new home video on Tuesday starring her husband Alexis Ohanian and the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Olympia. Did we mention the cute clip also features Olympia’s favorite doll (and TikTok phenom) QuaiQuai as well as the family’s Yorkie, Chip? They may be stuck at home like the rest of us, but they make social distancing look fun.

Williams took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a video that appears to have been filmed in the living room of her home. “And now, the starting lineup for the Williams-Ohanian family!  Hailing in at 6’5, this guy is an investor, an entrepreneur and, hello, the co-founder of Reddit, as well as a great dad, Alexis Ohanian,” Williams says, pulling her husband into the frame before grabbing their toddler, too. “Also in our starting lineup, we have born in Florida, she loves to sing, she loves to dance and, most of all, she loves ‘Baby Shark.'” Olympia’s doll and the family dog both made the starting lineup cut as well, despite Chip being MIA during his introduction.

As she wraps up the video, Williams hops on Alexis’s back, saying, “And we’re at home, loving our life. I’m loving my husband, and we have a lot of fun.”

At that moment, Alexis stands up with Williams still on his back, and the couple runs behind Olympia out of the room as a puzzled Chip comes out of hiding to see what’s happening. “I’m gonna get ya, I’m gonna get ya!” Alexis can be heard playfully taunting their daughter as he gives chase. “Staying inside and spending time with my family, my home team,” Williams captioned the oh-so-cute video. “Give it up for my #startinglineup! @alexisohanian @olympiaohanian @realqaiqai and chip.”

As indicated by the hashtags she shared, Williams’ video is a  riff off of Nike’s “Play Inside” initiative — a coronavirus-quarantine-inspired feed of “daily inspiration and information to help everyone stay active, positive and healthy” together, while practicing social distancing. Since the initiative is centered around athletes and obviously Williams is one of the world’s greatest, she took the sports theme and ran with it (to great effect).

With social distancing guidelines having just been extended, it’s nice to see a family embracing this unexpected downtime together. Sure, they undoubtedly have their stir-crazy moments and, like the rest of us, wish quarantine wasn’t even necessary. Still, if you’ve got to be trapped in the house, you might as well figure out a way to keep yourself — and, in this case, the rest of us! — entertained.

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