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Thomas Rhett Breaking a Tree Swing While Wife Lauren Snort-Laughs Is Quarantine Gold

The state of the world right now is disconcerting, to say the least, so we’ll take a little levity where we can get it. And thanks to Thomas Rhett’s quarantine tree swing fail, we can all seize a short break from our anxiety and revel in a few minutes of pure, unadulterated joy. By joy, we definitely mean laughing until you cry, because Rhett busting his butt — as his wife and daughter (and dog!) fail to contain their amusement — is comedy gold.

Rhett, who turns 30 on Monday, took to Instagram on Saturday afternoon to share his latest quarantine shenanigans. Sporting an iconic look consisting of no shirt, a bright orange headband, and gym shorts, Rhett can be seen holding a large vine hanging from a tree in his yard. He gives it a few gentle tugs as his wife, Lauren Akins, tells their daughter Ada to move closer to her. “It’s definitely going to fall,” Rhett tells Lauren, who reassures (or challenges) him, “You think? We used to have one in our backyard, and we all used to swing on it.”

Getting a firm grip, Rhett grabs the vine and takes a big swing. But, oops! The vine can’t support his weight and it, along with the country music star, comes crashing down. Best part? Lauren bursts into uncontrollable laughter, literally snorting as Ada giggles and yells, “Try again, Daddy!”

The entire clip is too good to be true, right down to their dog being the only one in the family who seems concerned for Rhett as he recovers in the grass. “I have a headache now,” he laments, which elicits even more laughter from Lauren. Eventually, she regains enough composure to say, “Oh, honey — welcome to 30, Daddy.”

Throughout their coronavirus quarantine, Rhett and Lauren have been keeping it real. On Friday, he shared a snapshot showing him holding his new daughter Lennon, who was born in February. The funny part? The infant had puked all down Rhett’s shirtless back, a highly relatable scene for most parents. “Everything’s fine,” he joked, adding a laugh-til-you-cry emoji.

And if you haven’t seen the video showing his kids running through the house in wild quarantine abandon yet, go forth and do so. It might just make you feel a little less alone in your stir-crazy-chaos, and who couldn’t use more solidarity right now?

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