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Enrique Iglesias Filmed Himself Playing Peekaboo with His 2-Year-Old Son & We Can’t Stop Smiling

We all need a smile now more than ever, and Enrique Iglesias has just blessed us with the cutest thing we’ve seen on the timeline in a while. Yes, the world is a scary place — but watch Iglesias’s 2-year-old son giggling in this rare video, and you may just find all your troubles melting away.

Iglesias decided to bless us with this peek at his home life on Thursday, when he seems to have been engaged in a fierce game of peekaboo with little Nicholas. “Best way to spend time at home,” the singer wrote.”#laugh and #love 🤟.”

The video shows Nicholas face disappearing and re-appearing under a blue blanket: “I can’t see you!” Iglesias says. “Where are you?” Nicholas is ecstatic, all big blue eyes and an endless stream of giggles. With this level of cuteness at home, how bad can quarantining really be?

Iglesias shares Nicholas with Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova, along with Nicholas’s twin Lucy, and baby daughter Mary, born in January. All five are currently abiding by quarantine rules and sticking together at home.

We are going through tough times and this emergency has touched a lot of people including my family,” Iglesias shared on Instagram on Wednesday. “Let’s stay home and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Sending lots of love and strength.”

We don’t know about you, but we got tons of love and strength from that video of little Nicholas.

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