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Jennifer Lawrence’s Mom Wants Her to Have Kids Because, Duh, Cute Babies

Jennifer Lawrence just got married this past October and her mom, Karen Lawrence, is eager for her to have kids. And as the old saying goes, first comes love, then comes marriage, but who’s to say when is the right time for a baby in the baby carriage. Lawrence doesn’t seem to be in a rush, anyway, to start a family with husband Cooke Maroney. 

And while she may be turning 30, the age when people start to nosily mention your biological clock, the actress is just enjoying married life right now — as she should! Still, her mom couldn’t help but spark our curiosity about what JLaw’s baby would look like! Swoon.

“I can’t wait,” mama Lawrence told Us Weekly while she was promoting her feature in Operation Parent’s educational video, which helps parents prevent their kids from prevalent issues like vaping and cyberbullying.  

The former cheerleader currently has six grandkids to date. “I don’t think that a grandmother could have too many,” she said. Even though she can’t see them because of the pandemic, she says that they’ve been Facetiming. 

“My grandchildren are sending me videos every day that are hysterically funny. … I think we all need to laughter during a time like this. We all have so much to be anxious about, but we also have so much to be thankful for and I’m always a big believer in trying to figure out the lessons from this,” the founder of Camp Hi-Ho, a one-week summer program for kids, explains. 

As well all try figuring out how to make light of this situation together, we’ll continue watching cute videos like JLaw’s mom.

If you do have grandkids, they will love making these sweet grandparent’s day cards.  

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