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Eva Mendes Has a Genius Trick to Get Her 3-Year-Old Excited About Piano

If we had to choose one celeb’s life to steal right now, Eva Mendes is a high contender. She’s currently quarantining at home with husband Ryan Gosling and their two adorable daughters, 5-year-old Esmeralda Amada, and 3-year-old Amada Lee. Mendes offered a little #quaran-peek at how it’s going on the home front, and the highlight is definitely 3-year-old Amada playing the piano to her heart’s content — while mom plays a record to accompany it.

Mendes captured this sweet parenting moment on Instagram, sharing a video of her putting a record on to relax. “Trying to keep things light at home with my two little ones,” she wrote. “Nothing like some old Cuban music to do the trick. And yes that’s my 3 year old on the piano. I think she thinks the music is coming from her. And I’m not about to correct her.”

In the background, you can hear Amada determinedly pounding out a few notes on the piano — and we’re so, so charmed by the idea that she’s imagining herself creating this music. It’s honestly a great idea to get young kids more excited about the potential of their instruments, and it seems like Mendes is already sharing her love of music with her young girls.

While the Mendes-Gosling household is a notoriously private one, Mendes in particular has been more active on social media given the current directives to stay at home. If she and Esmeralda or Amada want to get into the TikTok game, we wouldn’t be mad at all.

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