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Joanna Gaines Shares Baby Crew’s Quarantine Hobby, & Now We Need a Tiny Pool Table, Too

How do you keep an almost-two-year-old busybody entertained during the coronavirus quarantine? If you’re Chip and Joanna Gaines, you break out the fun and games. In a new video shared by Jo, baby Crew plays with a mini pool table — and the little boy (who, for the record, is looking just like his daddy!) seems perfectly content to work on his billiards skills. And we’re no pros, but we see a pool shark in the making.

On Sunday, Joanna took to Instagram to give fans a glimpse into how her family is practicing social distancing. In the first of two short video clips, the couple’s youngest child, Crew, quietly enjoys a round of pint-sized pool. As he uses his diminutive pool stick to clear the table, Chip can be heard singing along as the Eagles’ 1975 hit “Take It to the Limit” blares in the background. As we can see in the second video, Chip is hard at work on his own activity. “One is perfecting his pool table skills while the other is mastering the art of puzzling,” Joanna explained in her caption.

The entire moment is a sweet reminder that although this is a time filled with uncertainty, it’s also an opportunity to embrace small joys at home.

Now, can we take a minute to obsess over Crew’s little pool set? Because we obviously need this perfectly portable distraction in our lives, too. Situated atop the Gaines family’s coffee table and nestled between fresh flowers and a stack of books, the mini billiards game from Urban Outfitters features a pink-felt top and teensy, tiny balls that look just like the real deal (only smaller).

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Image: Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters.

Unfortunately, it’s currently sold out. Bummer; we know. But you can find a similar set in the more classic green-felt color scheme on Amazon. Bonus? It’s surprisingly inexpensive!

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Image: Amazon. Amazon.
Mini Tabletop Pool Set $15.90

If you’re looking for something fun to do in the meantime, you can still count on Joanna’s Instagram feed for ideas. Throughout this week, she’s been cooking and baking up a storm and sharing recipes in the process. You can learn to make various treats from the Gaines family cookbooks, including their family chili and chocolate chip cookies.

Kicking things off with the classic cookie video, Joanna explained, “With life looking quite a bit different than we’re all used to, our @Magnolia family is looking for ways to focus on how we can make the most of our time spent at home, because honestly there’s no better place to be right now — and in the midst of all that’s going on, we believe there is room for connection, creativity, laughter, and inspiration.”

Before you go, check out the pets who routinely keep the Gaines family entertained.

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