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Twitter Thinks ‘Tangled’ Predicted Our Coronavirus Quarantine & They Make Some Good Points

As we all try to adjust to our new reality, many have been finding odd signs that this COVID-19 pandemic had been predicted by a precious few. Psychic Sylvia Browne’s 2008 book referred to a severe pneumonia-like illness in 2020, and a 1981 Dean Koontz novel referred to a “Wuhan” virus. But now, theorists have a new target: the 2010 Disney movie Tangledwhich fans think predicted our current quarantine due to the new coronavirus.

For those of you unfamiliar with the hallowed text of Tangled, it tells the story of Rapunzel, the princess locked in a tower so Mother Gothel can use her hair for eternal youth. So far, not so similar to our current situation. But consider: Rapunzel is quarantined in her tower for years, and the movie takes place in the Kingdom of Corona. Twitter has put two and two together.

“Soooo in the movie tangled her mother keeps her quarantined! Google the name of the kingdom in tangled, drop a gif of your reaction,” one fan wrote. “Is this why Mother Gothel quarantined Rapunzel for 18 years in the movie Tangled im—” another wrote alongside photos of the island kingdom Corona.

You have to admit — it’s kind of a crazy coincidence. Hopefully, our quarantines won’t last quite as long as Rapunzel’s did. Although, honestly? She grew up into a confident, well-adjusted young lady. Maybe there’s something to look forward to in this isolation after all.

Tangled isn’t the only movie perfect for these new and scary times. Check out these other pandemic movies right here.

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