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Diane Kruger Sent Norman Reedus out for Quarantine Supplies, & His Food Haul Is Hilarious

We may be in the midst of an unprecedented time of self-isolation, but we still gotta eat! And if Diane Kruger’s latest Instagram post about boyfriend Norman Reedus is any indication, her little family will be filling up on a lot of… tubers. As Kruger hilariously revealed in a cute photo featuring the couple’s baby girl and two boxes filled with Reedus’ questionable supplies, she should probably handle the quarantine shopping from here on out.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, everyone is trying to balance sticking to precautionary methods and stocking up before all remaining open stores close their doors. To that end, Kruger asked Reedus to pick up food for their family while she stayed home with their daughter. The result? “I don’t think he understood the concept of two weeks worth of non-perishable foods,” Kruger joked on Instagram Tuesday night, adding the hashtag “#WhenYouLetYourBoyfriendGroceryShopping.”

To drive home her point, Kruger shared a snapshot of Reedus’ haul: two boxes filled with potatoes and yams. Although for what it’s worth, their daughter seemed to approve of her dad’s quarantine groceries — in the pic, the little girl perches over one of the boxes, peering in at the pile of potatoes inside.

However, in Reedus’ defense, he isn’t the only guy missing the mark when it comes to quarantine shopping. In a now-viral tweet, author Janet Wilson shared her husband’s perplexing grocery of choice, writing, “Husband starts working from home tomorrow. He stopped at the market on the way home today, so he could pick up a few things to have in the house. Reader, he came home with 7lbs of Cadbury Mini Eggs.

During a time when anxiety is peaking, it’s nice to see reminders like this that it’s okay to laugh a little when the situation warrants it. It’s also fun to get a glimpse of life at home with Kruger and Reedus, who is famously guarded about their private life (especially concerning their daughter, whose name hasn’t yet been released to the public).

And this isn’t the first look at social distancing in the couple’s household that Kruger has shared. On Monday, she posted a photo of their kitchen countertop featuring a collection of items that pretty much sums up their experience so far. In it? A plush Mickey Mouse toy, a flat of bottled water, a box of Mott’s apple sauce, an Amazon Prime box and — our favorite —  a half-empty bottle of wine with a note scrawled in Reedus’ handwriting that reads “Love you bunches.”

Hey, if you have to be stuck at home for a prolonged period of time, you might as well make the best of it, right? Kruger and Reedus seem to have the right idea — over-abundance of perishable potatoes and all.

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