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‘Bachelor’ Producer Julie LaPlaca Isn’t Exactly Denying Those Peter Weber Dating Rumors…

This season of The Bachelor had more fan theories than ever before — one of them being that Peter Weber ends up with his producer, Julie LaPlaca. And now, with Season 24 behind us (thank goodness), the producer is speaking out about her relationship with the pilot… without giving away too much information.

“Yes that was @pilot_pete in the tan jacket, no we didn’t kiss at midnight,” she captioned a photo of the pair from New Year’s Eve. “But whoever ends up as his copilot for life is one lucky lady, because this guy has a heart of gold.”

Rumors of a possible romance started swirling after Julie shared a photo of herself alone on New Year’s Eve with the 28-year-old seen visibly in the background. Fans were quick to identify the star and wondered why they had spent the holiday together if he was (supposedly) engaged to one of the contestants from his season. Things became even more suspicious after last season’s Bachelorette Hannah Brown (aka Peter’s ex!) shared her support in the comments. “This is really cute Jules. I approve,” she wrote. Approve of what, Hannah? A Julie/Peter relationship?

Julie and Peter only fueled the fire when they were spotted together on more occasions, specifically with the pilot’s family and taking trips to wineries, conveniently being caught by paparazzi.

As we all know now after the two-night finale of The Bachelor, the theory that Peter leaves the show with his producer didn’t end up panning out. The 28-year-old proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss only to break things off in favor of a relationship with Madison Prewett, which lasted a matter of days. And now that pilot is now currently single, it makes the timing of Julie’s post that much more interesting. After all, she didn’t exactly deny that there was no romance between them, just that they didn’t kiss at midnight that one night. Surely, she could’ve been a little more transparent and admitted that they never dated — but she didn’t.

Hannah Ann herself has been outspoken about the timeline of her relationship with Peter, saying that January 2020 is the timing of when their relationship started to deteriorate. Right around the time when the Julie and Peter rumors began…

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