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Fans Want ABC to Cast Older Men For Clare Crawley While ‘Bachelorette’ Halts Production Due to COVID-19

This journey isn’t ready to begin. The upcoming season of The Bachelorette was supposed to start filming on Friday, March 13, but due to the global COVID-19 outbreak, it has currently been put on hold. And while it’s not exactly surprising that ABC has chosen to temporarily halt production, fans have suggested that they use this newfound time to recast the show for older men!

“Everyone’s htealth is the most important priority at this time, and as I’m sure you’ve heard, we are pressing pause for now on filming The Bachelorette,” Season 16 lead Clare Crawley shared on Instagram. “We are taking it day by day and even hour by hour as this is so unpredictable. All I know for sure is that my heart is so full from all the love and support this far, and am still so excited for my journey to begin!”


“You’re probably glad since 95% of your men are 10+ years younger than you! Maybe it’ll give them time to recast a little!” one fan responded to the hairstylist’s post, while another added, “Oh good maybe they will have more time to get some guys over 30!”

Another commenter shared, “What is with all these young men being cast???? Hit restart already. I don’t want them setting you to fail. I’m such a fan and a supporter and want you to find love already.”

38-year-old Crawley was announced as the new Bachelorette earlier this month and fans were thrilled to see ABC cast the oldest female lead the franchise has ever seen. But that excitement quickly started to diminish after the men who will be vying for the Californian’s heart were announced — and a majority of them are significantly younger than she is.

“So many contestants are a lot younger than her,” one fan commented on ABC’s album. “It’s not necessarily a bad thing but I would have thought only a few would be, not the majority. I feel like this is adding a whole other level of challenge to the season. It’s hard enough to fall in love and connect with someone but now she will have to worry about serious age gaps and differences.”

But according to Clare herself, age is just a number — and while she normally dates younger guys, she’s not looking for a specific type while handing out the roses. “It’s more, if they go out of their way for me, if they make me feel special,” she said on Good Morning America.

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