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Keanu Reeves’ Girlfriend Alexandra Grant Opens Up About Famous Boyfriend in Rare Interview

When Keanu Reeves walked the red carpet of an LA art gala hand-in-hand with a beautiful white-haired woman last November, the world instantly started buzzing about the romance. And in a new interview, that woman — Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend Alexandra Grant — is proving she’s worthy of every bit of our intrigue. From sharing her thoughts on “fitting in” to artfully addressing questions about marriage, Grant just gave a rare glimpse into what life is like with her famous partner (aka, “The Internet’s Boyfriend”).

Speaking with British Vogue, the L.A.-based artist, 46, admits she harbors no illusions about the fact that she stands out. “I’m a 6-ft-1 woman with white hair. You know, the idea of fitting in…” she said, continuing, “If I wanted to look like Kim Kardashian, I would have to have surgery removing about a foot off my legs.” So, it likely wasn’t altogether surprising for Grant when the public response to her relationship with Reeves proved to be… intense.

“I think every single person I knew called me in the first week of November, and that’s fascinating,” she told the magazine wryly. “But the question I’ve been asking in all of this is: ‘What is the opportunity for good?'”

Not only can we see why Reeves respects Grant, but we’re also developing a crush on her ourselves, TBH.

According to Grant, she and Reeves originally connected over something that feels oh-so-apropos for the man who inspired countless “Sad Keanu” memes: their first book, Ode to Happiness, which serves as a playful guide to climbing out of depression. Published in 2011, it features his poetic text juxtaposed against her drawings. “The book was made as a surprise, by me, for Keanu, as a private gift. All of our friends sitting in the room got the giggles when I gave it to him — they said, ‘Please publish it!’ So that’s how we got into publishing.”

Now, they run X Artists’ Books together and, obviously, have turned that early chemistry into a full-blown romance (and, unwittingly, an internet obsession). Could something even bigger be in the cards for these two next? Like, oh you know, a wedding?

“Over a glass of wine… I would love to tell you,” she responded at the idea of marriage. “Love at every level is deeply important to my identity. How’s that for dodging the question? I do not believe that isolation is the way. There is a period of isolation that I do as a painter, but I deeply value the experience of being in relationships.”

Fascinating, indeed.

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