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‘The Bachelor’ Runner-Up Hannah Ann Admits Her Biggest Regret About Being With Peter Weber

It’s been a whirlwind few months for The Bachelor‘s Hannah Ann Sluss. As fans found out during this week’s finale, her time on the reality dating series did not end in happily ever after — and now, she’s revealing her biggest regret about dating Peter Weber on national TV. Or, like, at all. In an appearance that will air on Friday, the quote-unquote “runner-up” of the franchise’s 24th season stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to spill the tea.

To recap, Weber, popped the question to poor Sluss only for him to soon after tell her he wasn’t all in. He then promptly reconnected with Madison Prewett (aka the bane of his mother’s existence). Sluss handled the situation with applaudable grace, so Bachelor Nation is understandably curious about her take on her Bachelor time and what she has planned next. And for her first television appearance post-finale, she sat down with guest host Sean Hayes on Ellen for a candid round of a custom game called “Hannah Ann-wers.”

She didn’t hold back. And when asked if she regretted anything about the experience, Sluss shared the part of being on The Bachelor she might take back if she could. “I don’t regret loving Peter,” she said before adding, “Regret trusting, probably. Trusting him.”

That’s fair, right? After all, as she pointed out to Weber during the finale break-up, he could have just let her leave without the added humiliation of proposing and then taking it back. See also: Judging by her not-so-subtle implication that Weber wasn’t a good kisser, all those make-out sessions may also rank highly on her list of regrets.

But that’s not the only candid admission Sluss makes. When asked if she’d be interested in dating anyone else from the franchise, she had zero hesitation. “I think this is the easiest question: Tyler Cameron,” she said. Interestingly, she also coyly hinted that her Bachelor Nation time wasn’t finished yet. Of a possible Bachelor in Paradise cameo, she said, “There might be a bikini waiting for me. I don’t know… maybe!”

Since Sluss also pointed out that she was single and “ready to mingle,” it would honestly make sense to see her on BiP. And something tells us that Cameron — the runner-up on Hannah Brown’s 2019 season of The Bachelorette — could very well be there. In which case, we predict one of those “You’re the only person I came here to meet” Bachelor-style meet-cutes.

If that doesn’t pan out, though, maybe Sluss will one day get her wish to be on a different show: The Housewives of Beverly Hills. As we all know by now, anything’s possible in love and reality TV.

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