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Pink Stress-Cooking Over Coronavirus Concerns Is All of Us Right Now

With headlines dominated in recent weeks by the coronavirus, we’re all wound a little too tight right now. Case in point? A new video shows Pink stress-cooking to deal with her heightened level of coronavirus-related anxiety, and we feel this on a deeply personal level. After all, we all have to blow off some steam somehow, so what better way than doing something that both distracts you and ends with homemade comfort food?

We can probably all agree that worries about the coronavirus have become the running ticker tape in our brains (and it doesn’t exactly help that the World Health Organization just officially deemed it a “pandemic”). So, it seems reasonable that Pink would try to find a way to drive those fears out of her brain with a little kitchen therapy.

Following some curious pounding sounds, a friend of Pink’s found the singer aggressively rolling a ball of dough. “What’s going on here?” the friend asked, to which Pink responded, “I’m stressed out with all the bad news… so I’m making ravioli.”

Um, ravioli sounds like just what the doctor ordered right now, no? Pink posted the video on her Instagram feed, adding the caption, “We’re gonna be okay though. Probably. I’m sure. Washyourdisgustinghands.”

Ah, Pink — she’s always keeping it real, and we love her for it. Of course, she isn’t the only celebrity whose thoughts have been hijacked by coronavirus concerns. Earlier this week, John Legend considered aloud how coronavirus cancellations put things into perspective. “Now that folks are canceling non-essential travel and events, u start to realize how much we schedule that’s non-essential. Of course, what we do is critical to human joy, inspiration, etc., but our entire entertainment industry is full of individually non-essential events,” he tweeted.

When you think of it that way, Pink has the right idea in hanging out at home with her loved ones, presumably chowing down on some excellent ravioli right about now. And while we’re being light-hearted here (a little levity is a great stress reliever, too), it goes without saying that we should all be taking the coronavirus seriously since it is a serious illness.

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