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Did Disney+ Cancel the ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot Because of These Sex Scenes?

When we heard Disney+ was pulling the plug on the long-awaited Lizzie McGuire reboot we were pretty bummed, and we weren’t alone. Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff took to social media with an impassioned plea for Hulu to pick up the series instead since they don’t share Disney’s concerns about “family-friendly” content. But all this time, we still hadn’t gotten an answer for what exactly might not be “family-friendly” about the show — until now. Apparently, the pilot involved sex and a cheating scandal.

The Hollywood Reporter has read the pilot scripts for both the Lizzie McGuire reboot and the Love, Simon reboot, another series Disney+ opted out of due to “family-friendly” concerns. (Love, Simon has now been moved to Hulu.) Their reporting has shed some light on which script elements are giving Disney executives pause.

In Love, Simon, their sources report that scenes of marital tension, teen fighting, and alcohol use were all causes for concern. In Lizzie McGuire, the pilot “acknowledges the existence of sex with cheating as a central plot point,” — sources did not explicitly comment on whether this was the reason for it being put on hold.

A spokesperson for Disney has said that their goal for Lizzie McGuire is to “resume production and to tell an authentic story that connects to the millions who are emotionally invested in the character, and a new generation of viewers too.” But sources say that creative differences have existed since the beginning.

One source close to the Disney+ team said that their stated intention was to create content “on the edgy side of PG-13” — when in reality, productions that went beyond PG at all found themselves in dangerous territory. “They should have had more clarity around what the guardrails are,” the source added.

So, will Disney set Lizzie McGuire free to live out her PG-13 and beyond adventures at Hulu? Only time will tell.

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