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Christina Aguilera Says the New ‘Mulan’ Has an Amazing Message For Her Kids

It’s a well-known secret that Mulan is one of the best Disney movies out there. Between its message of female empowerment, the beloved Mushu, and the killer soundtrack, it’s been long overdue for a fresh look in reboot-obsessed Hollywood. The crown jewel of the soundtrack is obviously Christina Aguilera’s “Reflection,” a song perfectly suited to passionate shower sing-alongs or belting on a long drive home. Now, Aguilera has recorded a fresh version of the hit song for the 2020 Mulan — and she can’t wait for her own kids to experience the magic of this movie.

Aguilera shares two kids with husband Matthew Rutler: 5-year-old daughter Summer Rain, and 12-year-old son Max. While talking to Extra about her involvement in the Mulan remake, Aguilera got right to the point about why this movie packs such a punch, and why she’s excited for her kids to absorb the message behind it.

“To now do a re-imagined version of ‘Reflection,’ new material for the movie, it’s such an amazing thing, such a warrior story, a fighter story,” she said. “We all have that in us and it has been a thread in my music forever. I’m so excited to see a bad-ass kick ass in a movie. It’s amazing, and I think it’s an amazing message for my daughter, for my son, that we all should be fearless enough to speak our own truth and defy all odds.”

Aguilera is spot-on. While many Disney movies portray women as princesses in need of saving, Mulan shows a woman who gets shit done on her own — and that’s something both her son and her daughter should get to see. Mulan teaches you not to settle for what society tells you you should be, but to fight to create your own role. Heck, we could all afford to be more like Mulan in our day-to-day lives.

And if you need any more inspiration: Aguilera’s nostalgic recounting of her 1998 audition video for Mulan proves just how far the singer has come. “I auditioned for this movie, the animated version, for the song ‘Reflection,’ in my bathroom to a Whitney Houston song with a tape recorder,” she shared. “The rest is history.”

Later that same week, she got her first-ever record deal. She says Mulan “kicked off [her] entire career” — so basically, it’s fate that she’s here 22 years later, with a new song to pull at our heartstrings and a mission to show her kids they can accomplish everything they set their minds to. Xtina, we love you. Never change.

Mulan will be released in theaters on March 27, 2020.

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