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How Late Steve Irwin Will Be Honored at His Daughter Bindi’s Wedding

He may no longer be here, but a special tribute to Steve Irwin at daughter Bindi’s wedding later this year is planned to reflect the fact that the late great wildlife expert will be there in spirit. In a new interview, Terri has shared how the family hopes to include Bindi’s dad in her nuptials to fiancé Chandler Powell — but, more importantly, why it won’t matter if they don’t do anything at all.

Speaking to the Courier Mail on Monday, Terri explained that they have tentative plans to set aside a moment on Bindi’s big day dedicated to her dad. Ultimately, though, they’re leaving it open. “We want to acknowledge Steve by all of us lighting this candle for him, but you know, I guess in some way it’s not necessary because Steve will be there anyway,” Terri said. And in driving home that point, the mother-of-two (Bindi’s brother Robert is walking her down the aisle) made a beautiful analogy about coping with the loss of a loved one.

“I believe the people we love always are [with us]. You know, if you are missing someone, I think it’s helpful to know that scientifically you can’t actually create or extinguish life, you can only change its form,” she shared, elaborating, “So if you are grieving someone you loved very much, look to science and just remember that when you boil the kettle and steam comes out, it doesn’t mean the water has gone.”

Back in July 2019, Bindi announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Powell. And while the moment was obviously a joyous one, fans couldn’t help but note how much it would have meant to Steve to see his little girl celebrate such a milestone. Following the engagement, Terri even gushed that her late husband would have been “so very happy” for their daughter.

One thing’s certain: Steve would certainly be happy with the venue. “It’s where we met, it’s where we got engaged, it only makes sense to have it at the Australia Zoo,” Powell told Good Morning America in September of the wildlife park originally created by Steve’s parents and later passed on to Steve and Terri. Bindi and Powell even plan to have “lots and lots” of animals in the ceremony — including walking down the aisle with a koala since they released koalas into the wild the day they got engaged.

So, sure, Steve won’t be at the wedding in the traditional sense. And while there don’t appear to be any plans to incorporate crocs (Steve’s trademark creature), it’s obvious his presence will be everywhere on Bindi’s big day.

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