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‘GMA’ Host Sara Haines Has the Perfect Response to Body Shamers Asking If She’s Pregnant

Don’t mess with Sara Haines. The “Strahan, Sara & Keke” co-host is setting the record straight on body shaming after being questioned if she’s pregnant. While the mother-of-three couldn’t be more proud of her post-baby body that was strong enough to deliver three beautiful children, 4-year-old Alex, 2-year-old Sandra, and 8-month-old Caleb, she felt compelled to put the online trolls in their place with a powerful message.

Alongside a photo of herself and her Good Morning America co-stars, she wrote, “I’ve had 3 babies & I love the way I look, little belly pooch & all. It’s NOT ok to ask a woman if she is pregnant.”

“It’s a delicate topic & you never know what journey someone is on. It is also flat out body shaming when you say someone looks pregnant,” she continued, before adding the hashtags #bebetter and #liftwomenup.

While the message was well received on Instagram, the 42-year-old also shared the same message on Twitter, but was met with quite a few negative remarks. One user wrote, “Well Sara you looked pregnant in that purple dress you wore at the wedding #notshaming.”

But Sara didn’t let that comment go without a reply of her own. “Thank you for proving my point,” she wrote. “People come in a variety of shapes & sizes. Some people have conditions where their stomachs swell. Some people fight so hard to have a baby & stay quiet to protect themselves on their journey. Just sad!”

“I am so blessed to have had 3 babies, but so many women struggle,” she added to yet another troll. “People asking that can be heartbreaking for them. It’s really no one’s business until someone shares it.”

Say it louder for the people in the back, Sara!

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