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Mandy Moore Drops First Album in Over a Decade — Listen Here!

It’s an exciting day for Mandy Moore who officially dropped her first new album in over a decade titled Silver Landings. The singer took to Twitter to share a clip of one of her new songs, “Trying My Best, Los Angeles.”

“Making this record was an opportunity to dig deeper and share an important facet of who I am with the world,” the 35-year-old shared alongside video footage of herself in a recording studio. “I hope it helps you reflect on your own life and brings you joy. Over a decade in the making, I am so pleased to finally present, Silver Landings.”

While the This Is Us star‘s return to music is a pleasant surprise, her journey to get there wasn’t exactly an easy one. The singer’s last album, titled Amanda Leigh, came out in 2009 and while she admittedly missed making music, she battled with whether or not she should step back into the recording studio.

“I think [I waited] for a multitude of reasons — fear, notwithstanding, is one of the reasons,” she told Us Weekly. “I was really hesitant and confused about how to find my way back into music. And I didn’t know if anybody cared anymore — not that that is necessarily a reason, but I think I really leaned on the excuses. ‘Oh, well I don’t have a manager,’ ‘I don’t have a record label,’ ‘I didn’t know how to start from square one.’”

But luckily, she didn’t have to start from square one alone. Moore teamed up with her husband Taylor Goldsmith and best friend Mike Viola to write and produce the album, and having that support system was exactly what she needed to get back into the swing of creating music.

“They are two of the most profoundly talented people and my favorite singer/songwriters and musicians,” she added. “Being able to work with them and know that I was sort of safe to be wading back into the musical waters was the perfect way to kind of step back into this chapter of my life.”

And now that the album is officially out, she plans to start touring — which is also something she hasn’t done in well over a decade. While she admits that her “nerves are alive and well” over the thought of getting back on stage, she’s excited for what’s to come. “I’m going on the road with my husband, my brother-in-law and some of my closest friends in the world,” she shared. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience because they’re usually always on the road touring themselves so to get to like live this, out with them, is going to be the most fun way to spend my hiatus away from work [on This Is Us].”

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