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What Was ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Thinking? Fans Are Flipping Out Over Alex Karev’s Farewell

Grey’s Anatomy (finally) said goodbye to Dr. Alex Karev last night, after announcing in early January that actor Justin Chambers was leaving the show. While Chambers’ last episode aired in November, fans have been eagerly awaiting a proper farewell episode and an explanation for why his character would suddenly disappear. Well, as last night’s episode revealed, Alex had in fact run off to Kansas to reconnect with old flame Izzie, who secretly had his twins five years ago. He tells everyone (including wife Jo, along with divorce papers) in a series of letters explaining that he’s happier than he’s ever been.

Fans have been airing their frustrations on Twitter since the episode aired, and reactions range from total disbelief to outrage. The most common complaint is that Alex would never leave wife Jo — and if he did, he definitely wouldn’t do it via letter (or for Izzie Stevens).

While fans had at first been worried the show would kill him off, this ending was somehow worse. Alex was trapped in an unhealthy relationship with Izzie, and a huge part of his character growth had been watching him find a healthier relationship with Jo. Fans couldn’t wrap their heads around the idea that Alex would suddenly regress like this, returning to a woman who had caused him so much pain, and now (apparently) hidden his children from him for five years.

In the end, it came down to whether you believed that Alex and Izzie were endgame, or Alex and Jo were endgame. It seems like the show’s writers were banking on Alex and Izzie — but these Twitter polls are showing Jo with a strong lead.

No matter how you felt about it, last night’s episode was emotional — and everyone would have preferred to actually see Alex one last time. If you need us, we’ll be rewatching Alex and Jo’s wedding on repeat.

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