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Katy Perry’s Mom Guessed She Was Pregnant Before the Singer Could Break the News

The singer announced to her fans that she and Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child by proudly baring her baby bump in a new music video for “Never Worn White.” But the 35-year-old had a slightly different plan in mind for her nearest and dearest — including, of course, her mom. While Perry was able to shock and delight a few close friends with her baby reveal, her mom (basically) took one look at Perry and figured it out. Hey, it’s hard to fool your own mother with news like that.

On SiriusXM Hits 1, Perry explained her low-key genius plan for sharing the news that she was expecting. “I actually put the news [that I was pregnant] on a wine label,” she said. “I would bring a bottle of wine with a bespoke label that said it — you’d have to read the label to know — I’d bring it to a dinner or something, or I would give it as a gift to a friend like, ‘here’s a nice bottle of wine!’ And then they would get the reaction later.”

But while Perry was planning to give her mom the news the same way, her plans were quickly dashed: “My mom — it was so weird, I didn’t get the chance to do it. She just came over and was looking at my wine (which she never does!) and she was like, ‘what is this?'” And that’s how it happened. I was like, ‘well, you ruined the surprise.’ But I guess moms have intuition unlike any other.”

It’s true — and obviously, Perry wasn’t too mad about the whole situation. Mostly, the singer is focusing on how excited she is to be joining the world of moms — more specifically, the badass world of working moms.

“I’m joining the force of working moms out there,” she said. “And that is a very strong force.”

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