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All the Presidential Candidates Celebs Have Endorsed So Far

It’s Super Tuesday, and there are still five presidential candidates in the Democratic race — Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, and Tulsi Gabbard. Today, primaries are being held in 15 states, including California. While Sanders and Biden are currently considered the frontrunners, that could all change with the results of today’s votes. Hollywood celebs are making their voices heard in support of their preferred candidate, taking to social media to explain their position.

No matter who these celebs support, we love to see stars who remind us to get out there and vote for what we believe in. Curious how Hollywood will be voting today? Let’s take a look.

Who’s Voting for Bernie Sanders?

Susan Sarandon

Emily Ratajkowski

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Tomorrow is Super Tuesday which means 1357 pledged delegates (33.8% of the nationwide total) are up for grabs. I voted in California via absentee ballot for @berniesanders! For far too long the political establishment has sacrificed the interests of the people for those of corporations and billionaires. That’s why we have a country with the highest incarceration rate in the world, an environmental disaster on our hands and millions of people in insurmountable debt who’ve been denied fundamental human rights like health care and education. A Democracy means one person, one vote, not billionaires buying elections. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to restore our democracy and make our country prioritize the interests of its citizens. Go vote!

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Cynthia Nixon

Michael Moore

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Bernie in Texas. To see a crowd this size you need to go to one-and-a-half Trump rallies to even come close. No other Democratic candidate — all of whom have many wonderful supporters — can attract a crowd this size. Bernie will crush Trump. We need to beat Trump’s insanity with smarts and a grassroots ground game that has millions of people getting tens of millions of other people to the polls! Bernie’s amazing campaign is not a “campaign” — it is a MOVEMENT. We are not just voters — we are a massive army of citizens who are filled with love, compassion and the commitment — the FIGHT! — to end this madness. We have had enough. We are stronger, better organized, have the most volunteers, have the most delegates, have the most donors ($18 avg each), have the most money and we have the candidate who will beat Trump by exciting and energizing the electorate. We beat Trump by going all in — everywhere. Here’s one example of how we do this that says it all: In California, the total number of field offices Bernie has established around the state: 23. Total number of Biden field offices: 1. That is not how one beats Trump. Not when there’s no there there. VOTE TODAY!

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Caroline Calloway

Danny DeVito

Mark Ruffalo

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for the 2020 Presidential Election

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Joe Rogan

Chloë Sevigny

Tessa Thompson & Rosario Dawson

Cardi B

Ariana Grande

Sarah Silverman

Shailene Woodley

John Cusack

Justin Long

Who’s Voting for Elizabeth Warren?

John Legend

Amy Schumer

Scarlett Johansson

Elizabeth Banks

Sally Field

Ashley Judd

Patricia Arquette

Jonathan Van Ness

Constance Wu

Billy Eichner

Jack Black

Roxane Gay

Who’s Voting for Joe Biden?


Alec Baldwin

Vivica A. Fox

Mia Farrow

George R.R. Martin

Rob Reiner

Who’s Voting for Michael Bloomberg?

Ted Danson

Michael Douglas

Clint Eastwood

Judge Judy


Who’s Voting for Pete Buttigieg?

Jennifer Aniston & Tig Notaro

Gwyneth Paltrow

Mandy Moore

Sharon Stone

Mark Duplass & Jenna Fischer

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