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‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Peter Picks His Final Two & The Women Tell All

Last we saw young Peter Weber, he was following his heart in three completely different directions. After spending a night getting intimate with Hannah Ann and Victoria F., he confessed to Madison — who’d asked him to hold off on sleeping with the other women if he wanted a shot with her. Madison broke down, and seemed ready to walk away forever, so of course, ABC decided to pause all that drama for two weeks and switch gears to “The Women Tell All”…oh no! I spoke too soon! We’re getting a little peek at what happens next first.

Peter Picks His Final Two

Back in Australia, Victoria F. wanders around a porch and thinks about how she’s in love with Peter. Hannah Ann applies lip gloss and thinks about the same thing. They’re both getting ready to meet him for a rose ceremony — but where is Madison? How much time has passed?

Peter recaps his date with Madison to Chris Harrison, who does a great job of pretending he’s never heard it before. Pete is visibly distressed, and has no idea whether or not Madison will show up to the rose ceremony. Hannah and Victoria walk up to Chris and recite how in love they are with Peter to gain access to the rose ceremony (oh! so that’s why they were practicing at home). Peter is still pondering his options in an open field as the women wait in evening gowns.

Looking around, the women notice something’s afoot: “Where’s Madi?” whispers Victoria. The music builds — and then Madison gets out of a car (looking absolutely stunning in a red dress). She gives Chris a big hug, and he gives her his best “caring dad” eyes. Madison says she’s not sure she’s falling in love anymore. She lines up beside Hannah and Victoria.

“You all have a little piece of my heart,” Peter tells the three women. It sounds like he’s about to pass out. “Knowing that I have to hurt one of you right now…it’s destroying me.” He calls Hannah Ann first, then Madison. She takes a long moment, then walks up to him. “Will you accept this rose?” he asks. His hands are shaking, hard.

Peter takes Victoria for a walk to talk about why he broke up with her. He’s such a mess even Victoria seems to feel kind of bad. “It is what it is,” she says, sagely. He walks her to her car, then has a champagne toast with Hannah and Madison. They’re going to meet his family this week (in Madison’s case, re-meet).

“I’m so excited to have this time with you,” he tells them, barely controlling his tears. And with that, it’s over, and on to the “Women Tell All” — for which, of course, Victoria F. will now be present. I have to hand it to ABC. This was the messy twist I didn’t see coming. What will they confront her about first, her allegedly “breaking up marriages” or modeling for that White Lives Matter campaign? Can’t wait.

The Women Tell All

For the uninitiated: “The Women Tell All” is a special episode dedicated to letting all the contestants who were sent home come back and “clear the air” about how things really went down in the house. Usually, they scream at each other for 90 minutes and make polite ploys to be the next Bachelorette for 30. But given that Clare Crawley was already announced as the Bachelorette star, we can expect more brawling and less faux-sincerity at tonight’s event. Tonight, we’ll find out who’s headed to Bachelor in Paradise, how well Victoria P. and Alayah really knew each other, and — hopefully — why Kelley and Natasha decided not to be a part of the taping.

What Happened with Alayah & Victoria P.?

We dive right in with Alayah drama, and Sydney say she feels like Alayah is scripted. “I felt like she was treating it like a pageant,” Lexi adds. Alayah admits that she’s obnoxious, but swears she wasn’t faking for the camera. “Those of you who know me, am I not just as obnoxious off screen?” she asks.

Nothing actually gets resolved about how well they knew each other. Ah well. Looks like this episode is about to be heavy on the yelling, light on real answers.

Kelsey Talks Champagne-Gate

Kelsey once again tells the story of her very emotional champagne. She admits she was irrational, and all the women cheer. Talking with Chris, Kelsey says she thinks women should embrace vulnerability. She says she cried in every conversation she had with him, and says she’s proud of being an emotional person.


Chris has a surprise for Kelsey — it’s Ashley I.! She (previously) held the record for most crying on the Bachelor franchise. “Thank you for representing us emotional girls,” Ashley tells her. “And thank you for standing up to the emotional shamers.”

Tammy is devastated. Kelsey gets a giant bottle of champagne.

Kelsey & Tammy’s Feud

Tammy maintains that she was concerned about Kelsey, and that’s why she told Peter she was a pill-popping alcoholic. She says Kelsey has a tendency to “cry excessively,” and it was alarming. It turns out that Victoria P. was the one who brought up the pill popping! “I’m a nurse,” she says in defense. “You’re a dermatologist!” someone yells.

Mykenna & Tammy’s Feud

Next, Chris dives into Mykenna and Tammy’s disastrous two-on-one. “I thought Mykenna was annoying,” Kiarra chimes in. Mykenna would like an apology, and Tammy’s not into it. Kelsey and Mykenna are charming the crowds and it’s not going well for her. Mykenna delivers another tortured speech about how she’s learned what she wants in her heart.

“How long did you rehearse this?” Tammy says, rolling her eyes.

The Victoria F. Story

We watch a montage of Peter and Victoria’s relationship, and she gets a chance to defend herself. She says she was in love with “that boy,” and that she regrets some of the ways she behaved. She says Peter was right, she was pushing him away.

Chris asks her about the accusation that she broke up multiple marriages, and she denies it. “I think she just doesn’t like me,” she said. “I think she just wanted to come on the show.” Perfect, thanks for clearing that up!

Peter Comes Out

After a creepy montage of Peter and Chris crashing Bachelor watch parties, Peter comes out on stage. He says he had no idea what he was getting into when he came on The Bachelor, and that he appreciates the experience. Kelsey quickly interjects to say she’s grateful for him. Peter thanks her and says their relationship was unique.

Chris invites Victoria up to join him and Peter. “What would you like to say?” he asks her. Victoria thanks Peter for being patient, and says she’s sorry for putting him through hell. “Watching this, I’m like, ‘how is he dealing with me?'” Well, yeah.

Mykenna confronts Peter about having her go through a rose ceremony after keeping her on the two-on-one. Good! He swears he had no idea what he was going to decide that morning, which isn’t hugely comforting to anyone there.

Savannah asks if he regrets keeping around any of the women who were there for drama, instead of the ones who were there for the right reasons. Peter says he’s only grown from the criticism he got this season.

Rachel Lindsay Comes Out

Chris says that former Bachelorette Rachel is there to discuss online harassment in Bachelor Nation. Rachel says she’s experienced harassment herself, but went on the show anyway to pave the way for other women like her. She reads out loud some of the comments that have been sent to these women, and it truly is gross. The messages are racist and cruel, urging the women to end their lives. Sydney says she’s been getting messages to her work email, with work-related subject lines masking a paragraph on how she should kill herself.

It’s a sobering end to a hectic evening, and it ends with a highly dramatic teaser for next week’s two-part finale. Peter’s down to two women, and — surprise, surprise — he still can’t pick one.

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