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Mandy Moore & the This Is Us Cast Doing the Viral ‘Smeeze’ Dance Will Tempt You to Join TikTok

ICYMI, there’s another viral craze spreading like wildfire on TikTok — and the proof is in the This Is Us cast doing the “Smeeze” dance on the short-form video-sharing platform. Of course, we have star Sterling K. Brown to thank for always keeping the show’s cast and crew in touch with all things TikTok. But, today, we have to give a special shout-out to Mandy Moore and John Huertas for pulling off the latest viral moves in full age-progressed-character regalia.

Both Brown and Moore shared the cast’s contribution to the craze, which features Brown (aka Randall) and Moore (Mama Pearson) obviously, along with Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth), Huertas (Miguel), Chrissy Metz (Kate), Chris Sullivan (Toby) and Justin Hartley (Kevin). Moore captioned the video, “Clearly we have no fun at all on set,” while Sterling joked, “A family that smeezes together…” In the clip, they all impressively perform the signature moves of the Smeeze dance, which was created by a California choreographer by the name of Chonkie.

It comes as zero surprise that Brown can dance. Or Watson, for that matter. They’ve both shown the world their skills more than once, and we love it every time. But fans couldn’t help but notice the senior citizens of the Pearson clan were tearing it up. “Miguel’s got moves!” one commented. Another noted that Moore’s older Rebecca costume was “the best part of this whole thing.”

Seriously, though, let’s give it up for Huertas and Moore. Since they have to age-progress into around 70-ish years old for the show, the actors have to endure a whole process to transform into the golden-years-version of Miguel and Rebecca. Show producers understandably hired a team of highly respected pros to get the job done: three-time Emmy nominee Zoe Hay as head of makeup and five-time Emmy nominee Michael Reitz as head hairstylist.

These beauty wizards spend roughly three-and-a-half to five hours each day on set making Huertas and Moore look convincingly aged. So, yeah, we’re in awe of the fact that they can go in on the Smeeze without so much as displacing their many prosthetic pieces or ruffling their vintage cardigans.

As for Brown, if he keeps posting content like this on TikTok, we may be forced to cave in and finally create an account for ourselves. Of course, then he’ll have to teach us how to Smeeze. You’ve been warned!

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