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David Beckham Shares Why He Fell in Love With Wife Victoria in Adorable Throwback Video

Watching throwback videos of our favorite celebs can feel like watching old home videos — after all, who doesn’t have a memory of what Victoria and David Beckham looked like in the ’90s? If you need a reminder, Victoria’s just posted a sweet throwback video to Instagram in which she and young David are all over each other (plus, David explains why he fell in love with the former Spice Girl).

Victoria posted to Instagram with the caption “So sweet! I love u @davidbeckham.” The couple has been together since 1997, marrying in 1999. They now share four children: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper.

In the video, David and Victoria are sitting on a couch together answering questions, with a third person prompting them off-screen. After Victoria bursts out laughing and climbs on top of David, the person off-screen tries to focus them back in: “What made you fall in love with Victoria?”

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So sweet! I love u @davidbeckham x

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“I couldn’t put my finger on one thing, it was everything, the whole package,” David replies. “I just fell in love with it.”

“With it?” Victoria asks. “Yeah, the whole package,” says David.

“Me? I’m not an it!” she protests, making David laugh. “Yeah, with you, darling, sorry,” he tells her.

“Am I boring?” Victoria asks him.

“No, darling, you’re brilliant but I’m tired,” David says. Victoria pretends to throttle him, then throws her arms around him.

“He’s very sexy, isn’t he?” she says. “You’re better looking than Valentino, babe.”

Obviously, fans are swooning over how gorgeous and in love this couple was (and still is today). But what was David’s response?

I think this might have been my boy band stage,” he commented on wife Victoria’s post, referring to his white hoodie, oversized red vest, and red bandanna. “🤔 why did U let me wear this @victoriabeckham 😂.”

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