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Oprah Plays ‘Never Have I Ever’ With Ashley Graham, Spills So Much Tea

Today, in words we didn’t think we’d ever say, you can now watch Oprah play “Never Have I Ever” — a popular party drinking game in which people must confess to juicy indiscretions. Of course, this is Oprah, so her first go at the game was a little different. The loser tossed back a shot of apple cider vinegar instead of tequila (she squared off against BFF Gayle King), and the two delightfully secret-filled rounds were moderated by Ashley Graham. The result? We know where Oprah stands on skinny-dipping, pole-dancing, one-night stands and more.

The laugh-out-loud video serves as the latest installment of’s The OG Chronicles. And, if you haven’t been tuning in so far, it’s all the proof you need that you’ve been doing yourself a disservice by skipping this web series. At first, it seemed as though Oprah and Gayle might not give up anything good in the game. When asked if they’d ever Instagram-stalked anyone, both women were adamant they hadn’t. “Never. I don’t even know what that is!” exclaimed Oprah. Graham was dubious, but she pressed on.

Things started to get interesting when Gayle admitted she once played hooky from work, insisting it was “a mental health day a long time ago.” Next question: Have they ever sexted? “Hell the hell no,” Oprah hilariously shouted. “Are you kidding me? I’d be a fool.” Gayle chimed in, “If she put her finger down, I would pass out on the floor right now.” (Brb, dying.)

As the women roll through more questions, it becomes clear they both have a few skeletons in their closet. Have they thought about having plastic surgery? Have they had a one-night stand? (“We both better put our finger down on that one.”) Oprah downs a shot of apple cider vinegar after admitting to the most indiscretions in round one.

But there’s a second round, and things got even saucier — starting with whether or not they’ve ever lied to their best friend about where they’re at. We don’t hear the whole story but, according to Oprah, Gayle should “put two fingers down for that.” Both women are apparently re-gifters, One of the women gives out fake phone numbers, the other is a hot-tub skinny-dipper… y’all, it gets real.

And now, more than ever, we’re convinced these women need to be on a ballot. Winfrey and King for 2020, please!

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