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Gwen Stefani’s Throwback Photo of Her Mom Proves Son Apollo Is Grandma’s Lookalike

Thanks to a newly posted throwback photo, we now know that Gwen Stefani’s son Apollo is his grandma’s lookalike! It’s always fun to see genetics in action within a household, especially when a resemblance seems to skip a few family members before resurfacing so clearly. Such certainly appears to be the case in Stefani’s home, as she unwittingly proved by sharing an old black-and-white picture of her mom, Patti Ann Stefani.

Stefani posted the nostalgic snapshot of her mom in her younger years in celebration of another circle around the sun for Patti Ann. The pop-rock singer kept her caption brief, simply saying, “Happy birthday to my mama.” And while she didn’t mention her youngest child, the comment feed filled up with both birthday wishes for her mom and remarks about the resemblance between young Patti and little Apollo.

“She’s beautiful. (And I also see Apollo!),” wrote Carson Daly’s wife, food blogger Siri Daly. “Apollo looks like her! Zuma your dad and Kingston looks like you,” chimed in a fan, with another echoing, “Your youngest looks just like your beautiful mom.” Others also pointed out that the throwback photo of Patti reminded them of Stefani’s niece Stella, who Apollo similarly favors.

Here’s a side-by-side shot so you can judge for yourself.

Lazy loaded image
Image: Gwen Stefani/Instagram; Shutterstock. Gwen Stefani/Instagram; Shutterstock.

If you like fun kismet-y facts, we’ve got a few for you. Clearly, Patti Ann’s birthday is Feb. 24. Her lookalike grandson was born on Feb. 28, 2014. Maybe they’re celebrating together this week, eh? Also, Apollo’s full name is Apollo Bowie Flynn. Bowie is the maiden name of the mother of Gavin Rossdale (Apollo’s dad), while Flynn is the maiden name of — you guessed it — Stefani’s mom. While we can’t say for certain what kind of relationship Apollo and his grandma share, it is pretty cool that they have these little connections.

In general, the Stefani family comes off as tight knit. Just last week, Apollo tagged along with his mom, her longtime boyfriend Blake Shelton and his middle brother Zuma while the whole crew attended oldest brother Kingston’s football game. And since Apollo was only around 18-months-old when Stefani and Shelton started dating, the little Patti Ann lookalike is particularly close to his reportedly soon-to-be stepdad.

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