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Harrison Ford’s Secret to a Happy Marriage Is Both Humble & Hilarious

They’ve been together for 18 years and hitched for almost 10, and now Harrison Ford is sharing the secret behind his happy marriage to Calista Flockhart. The actor, who has a famously dry sense of humor, opened up about the couple’s life together on their Wyoming ranch — and why silence really is golden when it comes to holding on to happily ever after.

Ford sat down to speak with Parade for the publication’s latest issue, during which he discussed splitting his time between Los Angeles and the ranch he and Flockhart call home as much as possible. A licensed pilot for 25 years, Ford typically flies himself back and forth. And once at the ranch, he quickly settles into the couple’s routine. “There are ‘honey do’s,'” he admitted to Parade. But there’s plenty of downtime too. “Well, if my chores are done and there’s nothing more pressing and the weather’s good, I’ll go flying — I love to fly up there — or walk in the woods, do some work, ride my road bike or mountain bike.”

Naturally, he also spends a lot of quality time with his wife, with whom he’s about to celebrate a 10-year wedding anniversary. Over the course of their decade of marriage (and given this is his third), Ford has picked up a few pearls of wisdom about wedded bliss along the way. When asked about the secret to happiness, he jokingly deadpanned, “Don’t talk. Nod your head.”

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It’s sort of hilarious to imagine the man who’s played characters like Hans Solo, Jack Ryan and Indiana Jones silently deferring to the higher authority of his wife. It makes him seem more… mortal. Right? Of course, we don’t actually think he and Flockhart never talk or argue. In fact, most long-term marriages make it because communication is so open. Still, his response shows not only that he respects his wife, but that their relationship is also probably still pretty playful.

Even so, part of the appeal of Wyoming for Ford might just lie in the fact that he’s got an abundance of wide openness to enjoy when he needs to bite his tongue and give Flockhart some space. “I’m old news. I’ve been there for 35 years,” the Call of the Wild star said of spending time at their ranch. “When I’m up in Wyoming, I just walk out the door and keep walking.”

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