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Kelly Ripa Opens Up About How She Unintentionally Quit Drinking: ‘I Felt Better’

Kelly Ripa is living her healthiest life — without the need for alcohol. The 49-year-old hasn’t picked up a drink in over three years, but her decision to become sober wasn’t exactly intentional. The talk show host recently opened up to People about what caused her to go alcohol-free, and how it’s made her feel better in the long run.

“I did a sober month — all my girlfriends did it, we all did it together — and I just never went back to it,” she revealed, though she admitted that her co-host, Ryan Seacrest likes to take credit for the mother-of-three’s sobriety. “It wasn’t even really a thought process. It felt great, I felt like I looked great, I felt like I didn’t feel hungover. Not that I was a heavy drinker. I wasn’t someone who got drunk, but even like two glasses of wine at a girl’s night out dinner, I would feel it the next morning.”

And once she noticed the positive benefits of being sober, it was an easy routine to continue. After making the decision to give up alcohol, she never looked back. “I just didn’t really feel the need or desire to go back to it,” she added. “It wasn’t really a choice or a thought, it was just, ‘Yeah, I guess I don’t drink anymore.’”

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Though Ripa doesn’t smoke cigarettes anymore either, she revealed that walking away from that addiction 25 years ago was a much harder struggle. “Quitting smoking I really had to think about. I was like, ‘Smoking leads to cancer and it will kill you.’ It was a thing I had to tell myself. And I was like, ‘It gives you wrinkles.’ And that was the thing that was really terrifying.”

The thought of risking her life for cigarettes — something she admittedly didn’t even like that much anyway — was enough to urge her to walk away.

“I’m not comparing cigarettes to alcohol, but for me it was just like, I don’t do that anymore. I felt better so I just stopped,” she continued.

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