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Channing Tatum Is ‘Very Happy’ About Jenna Dewan’s Engagement, So Chalk Up a Win for Adulting

Yesterday brought the happy news that Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee just got engaged so, naturally, everyone’s curious what Channing Tatum thinks of his ex’s big news. Well, we’re happy to report that there’s no drama on the former-couple-front. Sources say that the Magic Mike star is sending nothing but positive vibes out to Dewan and her soon-to-be second husband.

Granted, Tatum hasn’t issued a statement, commented on Dewan and Kazee’s announcement posts or any other sort of public acknowledgment of his ex’s milestone moment. But per E! News, inside sources insist Tatum is excited about where he is in life right now — and he’s grateful his former wife and the mother of his 6-year-old daughter Everly is too. “Channing is very happy for Jenna and Steve’s engagement. Channing has expressed that he is happy Jenna is in a good place and has moved on,” one insider told the outlet.

The source also emphasized that Tatum and Dewan are committed to keeping things amicable for Everly’s sake. “Jenna has a special place in [Channing’s] heart since she is the mother of their child, but they have both moved on and are happy in their new relationships,” they shared. “Channing’s main priority and concern is his daughter, and him and Jenna are both happy to have worked out a co-parenting agreement.”

As for that co-parenting agreement, a separate source told E! that it includes being a united front so their little girl maintains a sense of normalcy and continuity. “They will be doing all kinds of family things together. They want to keep her routine the same,” said the source. “Nothing is going to change in her life, and she has two parents who will be very involved in everything she does.”

Happily for Everly, she’s also getting a few bonus parents sure to shower her with love as well. By all accounts, Dewan and Tatum’s daughter has an amazing relationship with her soon-to-be stepdad, Kazee. And last summer, Tatum’s girlfriend Jessie J met Everly and later gushed that the little girl was “absolutely lovely.”

Although Jessie and Tatum went on a brief dating hiatus since she hit it off with his daughter, the couple recently reunited. In fact, they were spotted grabbing dinner together at popular Los Angeles eatery Nobu mere hours after the news of Dewan and Kazee’s engagement broke.

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